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Artist Residency

Before the official establishment of Zico House, Zico constantly welcomed artists, providing them, when needed, the space and the technical equipment for their work.


In 2002, after the first edition of the Beirut Street Festival, the management of Zico House realized the importance of having a place, in which foreign artists could reside, could meet with Lebanese artists and could think of future common projects. Since then, Zico House has dedicated three rooms on the 2nd floor for residencies; it hosted residencies from several countries like Japan, Germany, United Kingdom, France, Holland, Italy, the Arab World, etc…


No rules exist for the artist residencies at Zico House; there is flexibility in the choice of the residency, depending on the artist and his/her project. 


Different types of residency projects can be initiated:


- individually by an artist interested in using Beirut as a base for his/her work

- by Zico House who invites the artist to Beirut to participate in a certain project

- by collaboration and/or exchange between a foreign arts organization and Zico House

- by another local cultural organization or NGO wanting to accommodate the artist at Zico House 


In 2008, Zico House hosted:


Nawal Iskandrani

Theater/dance workshop, from Tunisia

The project was developed after an encounter between the choreographer Nawel Skandrani and Moez M’rabet. The idea was to administer different workshops in several capitals of the Arab world. It ended up with the selection of candidates from each country who would participate in an one-month residency in Tunisia, to work on the creation of a regional performance.


Nancy Naous & Compagnie 4120.Corps

Dance performance, from Lebanon and France

A video and dance performance with French and Lebanese artists entitled: « Instant de Chutes ». As partner of the project, Zico House welcomed the French artists in residency for a period of one month.


Beit Makan

Created by Makan, a Jordanian cultural institution, Beit Makan is a regional residency roject. It consists in an artist-exchange program from Jordan, Egypt, Palestine and Lebanon.



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