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Present Times


Zico House’s internal activities include:


- A Cultural and Artistic program ranging from concerts to installations, plays, puppet theatre, poetry recitals, movie projections, exhibitions, workshops, seminars, conferences, children’s activities, etc…


- An Artist Residency where international, visiting artists can experience the local context and the contemporary art scene, through encounters with fellow artists.


- A Polyvalent Space for various usages such as workshops, trainings, rehearsals, etc...


- A number of Associations, including GREEN LINE, WOMEN IN IT, HELEM, LADE (Lebanese Association for Democratic Elections). A space also for visiting associations like the Association of Parents of the kidnapped.


- A Cafeteria Space used as an area for debates, exchange, and dialogue by the associations as well as for small-scale artistic events


Zico House outdoor activities include:


- The Beirut Street Festival - the first and only street festival in Lebanon

- Al - Mawsam - a cultural development project

- Project Management office for development and cultural projects

- Technical Services - rental of video projectors, sound and light equipment, tents, etc…


174 Spears Street, Sanayeh // Beirut - Lebanon , Tel: +961 1 746 769 // Fax: +961 1 750 442

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