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Aid Lebanon

My aunt is a nun who has interesting stories to tell – some of them are heartwarming while some are truly heartbreaking. One story that really struck me the most was when she helped the families in Lebanon who were affected by armed conflict in the region. My aunt is a nurse so she was assigned to a public hospital during that time. She said that she had gotten used to the sight of bloody people, some of whom had lost certain body parts. She said they were the pitiful victims of war in Lebanon. Many wanted to escape the conflict but were not fortunate enough to do so. It was a miserable place. But she said her heart was wrenched the most at the sight of children crying – too young to understand the state they are in or what is happening in their surroundings. They were crying because they lost their parent or did not have something to eat. They were crying because all they wanted to do was play all day but could not do so because it was dangerous to go outside. My aunt always said that it was in stark contrast to the freedom and peace that we were enjoying at home – where I and cousins could run around all day and play outside without care of the world around us. The children in Lebanon did not have that luxury. Yes, they were young and should be playing but the harsh reality of the world is that they were confined and shut in armed conflict. She would always remind us to be grateful for the freedom and peace that we enjoy. She would always ask us to include the children of Lebanon in our prayers. And we did. And now, here I am, a proud volunteer of Aid Lebanon, willing to lend a helping hand to the victims of war.