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Opening Our Doors To Those Who Need A Home

Zico House is much more than the home of world famous artists. Right from the start, we have decided to open our doors to all those who need help in times of need. It is our hope that Zico House will be their home too. We want to provide shelter to survivors of armed conflict and other forms of disaster. This is an advocacy that we hold dear in our hearts as we believe that each one should have a place to call home, a place that would give them a sense of security and belongingness even amidst the most trying times of their lives. We believe that a house should provide comfort to the people and not just merely be a concrete structure that serves its specific purpose. We believe that Zico House can be much more than a home for the talented artists. It is a big enough space to be able to accommodate families needing assistance. Thus, Zico House is in full support of all the disaster risk reduction and management efforts of the government and other humanitarian organizations. The Zico House opens its doors wide to survivors of all forms of disasters so that they too, may find a home in our premises. We define ourselves not just by the number of great performers and artists who grace our stage but by the number of people who are able to find joy and comfort within our halls. This is how to live up to our claim that the Zico House is a multi-faceted center. For example, the Zico House was transformed into an aid center during the 2006 Israeli attack on the refugees. We are also a partner of Aid Lebanon in giving assistance to survivors of the war. It is indeed our honor to be able to help in any way we can.