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Zico House: Our Programs And Services

Zico House is proud to offer our Cultural & Artistic Program and Artist Residency Program to all those who have the inclination for the promotion of art and culture. These are exclusive formation programs offered by Zico House and facilitated by the renowned artists in the industry. These programs are open to up and coming artists who want to learn from the best. This is in line with Zico House’s vision and mission to promote art and culture in Lebanon.

In the Cultural & Artistic Program, young artists are given an opportunity to explore and discover their strengths. We have Avant-garde and experimental arts classes for those who want to know which art styles they would be most comfortable at. We want young artists to find their own niche where they can shine the brightest. We do not want to confine them in the basic art expressions. Here at Zico House, they are free to express themselves in whatever form they want to. This is our way of helping in the promotion of art in Lebanon. We want them to discover new art styles and to support them in their chosen style. Through this, we have witnessed the birth of diverse art styles among artists here in Lebanon and it is a sight to behold.

In the Artist Residency Program, Zico House provides board and lodging for artists in Lebanon and provide them with the artistic space and technical equipment that they need to develop their craft further. Residents can use our halls and gardens to provide inspiration for their artistic work. We can set up a gallery to feature their artworks, a studio for their dance practices and performance, a workshop area for their skills development. We want artists to be able to devote all of their time in the enhancement of their art style and not be bothered by small things such as food to eat, the place to sleep, and other things that they need for their specific artwork. Zico House will provide all of their needs. Zico House is their art home.