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ZICO HOUSE: The Home of the Finest Artists All Over the World

Welcome to Zico House – the home of the finest artists from all places in the globe. We feature talented performers and artists who excel in their craft both here and abroad. Zico stands for the home of the most zealous, ingenious, creative, and outstanding artists. We give the public an opportunity to see these individuals and groups who are oozing with talents and skills which is the main reason why they excel in their respective fields in the music and the arts.

Zico House is more than just a theater where people can watch their favorite artists. It is a house that promotes culture. It is our vision that through their performances or various works of art, we are able to let others catch a glimpse of the artists’ beliefs and ways of life. We are able to spread awareness about other people’s culture and promote celebration of diversity, individuality, and inclusivity.

ZICO HOUSE: Home of the Finest Artists, culture and promote celebration of diversity, individuality, and inclusivity.

It is with great pleasure that we bring the world’s most talented performers and artists to all of you. It is with great pride that we say we are their home away from their own comfortable homes as they make their way out of their garage doors in Dallas- a home where they are free to show others who they really are and what they have within themselves that they would like to share with the rest of the world.
Come and visit the Zico House and be amazed by their sheer zealous, ingenious, creativity, and outstanding performances and artworks. Check out our Events Page for the schedule and rates of the featured artists so that you can plan ahead. We assure you that we showcase only the best and the finest in music and the arts and they would captivate your hearts and minds for a lifetime.

Zico House is honored to be able to interview these artists up close and personal. We share with you our interviews in this website. Know more about your favorite performers and artists as you read our interviews with them. Watch out because we also have exciting surprises from time to time. How do you fancy meeting your favorite performers backstage and getting the chance to interview them personally? We give away lots of meet and greet passes so you better stay tuned to this page to grab them. Check this website also for our flash sales on ticket prices and get amazing deals for group and individual purchases. We also have fun games and offer tickets, meet and greet passes, and your favorite artists’ merchandise as prizes! Hurry and subscribe to our e-newsletter to be updated about our events, promos, and other interesting information about our featured artists.

ZICO HOUSE: Home of the Finest Artists, culture and promote celebration of diversity, individuality, and inclusivity.

Amidst the glamour and entertainment, the Zico House is proud to say that there are advocacies that we hold dear in our hearts. We hope that you will also support us in our humanitarian endeavors. Together, we can make Zico House a home for everyone.